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 1927 Ford Model T Touring (AMT.)

 1929 Ford Model A Roadster (AMT.)

 1929 Ford Woody (AMT.)

 1929 Ford Pick-up Truck (Revell.)

 1930 Ford Model A Coupe (Revell/Monogram.)

 1931 Ford Model.A Two-door Sedan (Monogram.)

 1932 Ford Coupe (AMT.)

 1932 Ford Vicky Sedan (AMT.)

 1934 Ford 5window Coupe (AMT.)

 1934 Ford Pick-up Truck (Lindberg.)

 1936 Ford Coupe (AMT.) and Roadster (AMT.)

 1937 Ford Pick-up Truck (Revell.)

 1937 Ford Panel Delivery Van (Revell.)

 1937 Ford 2door Sedan (Monogram.)

 1939 Ford 2door Sedan (AMT.)

 1939 Ford Coupe (Monogram.)

 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery Van (AMT.)

 1948 Ford Convertible (Monogram.)

 1949 Ford Coupe (AMT.)

 1949 Ford Mercury Sedan (AMT.)

 1953 Ford Victoria (Lindberg.)

 1956 Ford Thunderbird (AMT.)

 1958 Ford Edsel Pacer (AMT/Ertl.)